Angela Nightingale

Angela is a mom to 2-year-old twins (Alexander and Ava) and has been a passionate writer for many years. She is eager to share her parenting experiences with the readers of Angela truly believes that parenthood is a journey best enjoyed with a cup of coffee (or glass of wine) in hand. You can follow Angela on Instagram @AngNightingale

Jessica Jowett

Growing up in a house with 3 siblings, the importance of spending quality time with family and making memories has always been a huge part of Jessica’s life.  She has many fond memories of her childhood and her family’s traditions that she looks forward to sharing with her growing family.  Jess is mother of one energetic little boy, and she loves researching all things kid-related — always in search of the next best thing that is budget-friendly or will make life easier for busy families like hers!

Rhiannon Ball

Rhiannon may only be mama to one rescue furkid, but has long loved investing in kids in her community. She’s particularly passionate about wildhood, adoption and foster care, and cultivating inclusion of kids of different abilities. When she’s not writing or designing, you’re likely to find her hiking or camping, or snuggling her friends’ babies!

Devon Taylor

I’m the father to three amazing children, ranging from kindergarten to pre-teen. As a divorced dad with shared custody, I understand the unique struggles of trying to figure out how to create French braids, offer fashion advice to tiny divas, and issuing tech support for the gaming consoles and the iPad

Rebecca Dee

Rebecca is a mother of 2, and has been teaching in the school system for over 10 years. She is passionate about snack food, social justice, women’s issues, and Beyoncé. Rebecca and her husband can usually be found attempting to convince their son and daughter to stop leaving dirty socks around the house. Rebecca’s hobbies include hiking, reading romance novels, and binge watching tv shows (the part about hiking is a lie).

Carolyn Drebin

Carolyn Drebin is an author and screenwriter who currently works for her kids. A pop-culture obsessive and big-time foodie, when she isn’t writing she can be found teaching Pilates, baking up a storm, or hanging with her three sons and crazy rescue dog. She can often be found ranting and raving on her website

Kristin Whittaker

Kristin is a mom to four kids which includes one super creative boy (born 2009) and then three very strong-willed girls (born 2011, 2013, 2015). In 2007 she married her hard working hubby, who travels for work, and together they battle the joys and struggles of married life with four kids holding firm to their faith in Jesus. When she’s done dragging 3 kids to school in the morning, she spends her days entertaining a pre-schooler while working part time as a secretary and freelance writer. Kristin has a BA in sociology from the University of Guelph, which has come in quite handy in the journey of parenting. In her spare time (which she has a ton of…yeah right!) she enjoys running and working out, reading, serving at church, binging on Netflix and spending time with family and friends. She usually has a coffee in one hand and a kid in the other, but wouldn’t trade being a mom for anything!

Dr. Gerald Morris

Gerald Morris, MD is a physician (Family Medicine/Internal Medicine) with over 20 years expertise in the medical arena. Dr. Morris has spent time as a clinician, clinical research coordinator/manager, medical writer, and instructor. He is a proponent of patient education as a tool in the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic medical conditions.

Jeff Hayward

Jeff has more than ten years of experience writing professionally about health, travel and the arts among other subjects. Jeff continuously looks to improve his own overall health through exercise, diet and mindfulness. He is also a proud stay-at-home dad that loves taking photographs both professionally and as a hobby. His son is his favourite photo subject.

Debbie McGauran

Debbie has been a registered nurse for over 25 years with experience in geriatrics, medicine, surgery and mental health. For the past four years, she has practiced as a crisis nurse in the ER. Debbie lives on a farm with her family, two dogs, a cat, and four horses.

Kathi Cameron, MA, RCC

Kathi has worked in the health and fitness profession for over 25 years and holds a degree in Kinesiology with master’s degrees in exercise and sport psychology and clinical counselling. She is currently a corporate facilitator in health promotion on topics relating to exercise, mental health, and addiction awareness. She is a firm believer in the prescription of exercise for positive mental health and that good health can be enjoyed at every size.